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CAP SAISONS is founded in 2009, with a capital of 1.9 million dinars, the company is totally exporting , Our company specializes in the freezing and packing of agricultural products and mainly seafood.

CAP SAISONS is located in the region of Békalta, which belongs to the governera de Monastir.

CAP SAISONS is closed to the major fishing ports of Tunisia namely Sousse, Monastir, Teboulba, Mahdia and Sfax within a radius of 100 km.

This provides the benefit in terms of the supply of fresh produce. A rigorous quality policy is followed by the selection and preparation of raw materials for the distribution of frozen products.

CAP SAISONS is forced strictly by the selection of foods that it uses. This selection begins with the choice of species and varieties best suited to frost

CAP SAISONS has an optimal freezing capacity of 1 ton per hour or 24 tons per day. The total annual capacity is 8000 tons .

The CAP SAISONS unit received its sanitary approval in accordance with European standards under n ° 622